0N1 Force Returns to San Diego Comic-Con in Style

0N1 Force Returns to San Diego Comic-Con in Style

This year, we're expanding our narrative-driven NFT project through this mainstream platform.

History was made in 2021 when 0N1 Force became the first Web3 project to premiere at Comic Con. This year, we're returning with a glimpse of our fresh comic book series, set to hit retail comic and book-stores globally.

0n1 Force stands firm on the notion that crypto-native IP brands harbor unique potential - one that could forge the 'next Star Wars' universe. Utilizing community-driven storytelling, our audience cares deeply about its part in creating this IP.

This strategy encourages rapid feedback from a diverse community and stimulates creative collaboration between community and founders. The ultimate goal? Expand the IP in ways previously unimagined. This is the 0N1 Force vision.

How do we reach the masses without compromise? Comic books, a Hollywood favorite, are our chosen medium. They're cost-effective, respect story quality, and bridge the gap between Web3 and mainstream entertainment.

Spearheading our IP is Paul Jenkins, a creative force who's scripted Wolverine's origin, Avengers' Civil War, and God of War. His IP work has defined global narratives and raked in billions. Now, he's bringing his unique vision to our hero, 0N1 HUNTER X.

Combining Paul Jenkins' genius with our vibrant community breathes life into our stories. This synergy yields comics fueled by unique creative perspectives. 0N1 HUNTER X represents a pivotal leap for Web3, as the first community-developed IP set to attain global distribution.

Comic Con serves as the stage for 0N1 HUNTER X's preview, standing shoulder to shoulder with other innovative Web3 ventures like @coolcats & @pudgypenguins. Each trailblazing a unique path to capture mainstream attention.

To help us with our lofty ambitions: We have brought on @dmuslan / @IP3Official whose family owns the film rights to the Batman franchise and has considerable resources to help us grow our brand around the world through their entertainment and distribution network.

We have also brought on S-tier art talent such as @Hichamhabchi and @Ramon_N90 who have collectively worked on major franchises such as Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, League of Legends, Batman, and many more. They are helping to take our brand to the next level.

all off, we have a major announcement to make during Comic Con which will show our community we have not only added top tier talent to our project but are doing the right things to expand our brand and IP globally to millions of people!